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Registered users are invited to vote for the best CULTURESHUTDOWN.NET icon, which we will use as a logo for this platform and diverse advertising materials. You can submit only one vote / image (no “un-voting” possible), but you may submit votes for several designs that you like.

These designs were created by students of the course 4.302 Introduction to Visual Arts for Architecture Majors at the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology.  Titled  “Memory Eject: Cultural Institutions in Crisis”, the SS 2012 version of the course explores how cultural memory is created, erased, preserved, and reinvented at an institutional level; to that end, we examine three types of national organizations: art galleries, museums, and libraries. We  link this broader theoretical concern with concrete case studies of institutions across the globe that have recently been or currently are in crisis. Our point of departure and research focus is the ongoing shutdown of seven main national cultural institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The class will approach the Bosnian cultural crisis as an opportunity to examine how art can be a form of research, critique, and intervention in contested socio-political realities.

Course instructor: Dr. Azra Akšamija; Teaching Assistant: Jenine Kotob
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