They tried to bribe us with yet another small grant

Interview with Adnan Busuladžić, Director of the National Museum of B&H (3 October 2012)

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Adnan Busuladžić (Photo: Radio Sarajevo)

According to Mr Busuladžić, after 125 years of existence, the National Museum of B&H is going to permanently and definitely close down on 4 October at 11:00am.

“We have operated in a legal vacuum over the last 15, 16 years. We somehow managed, with all the hiccups. However, over the last two years we have been working in the state of agony. Not only that the state budget was not passed in 2011, but also the state grant that provided us with minimum funding of 850.000KM over the 15  years now miraculously limited to 350.000KM! We are unable to operate like this any longer.

This is not a commercial institution. We cannot be self-sustainable, that is insane! Yes, we can indeed sell tickets and postcards, rent space and bid for grants, but our overhead costs must be guaranteed by the state, as they are to institutions of this profile anywhere in the world.

Some local press outlets reported that we ‘forgot’ to apply for the above mentioned grant. That is not true. We chose not to apply as the grant has been perfidiously reduced to 350.000KM. This amount, and the grant givers know it very well, is not enough to cover our basic costs.

The solution lies in political agreement of those in power on whether they want to have the National Museum of B&H on the state-level; whether they want to have this Museum at all. After they have made this decision, relevant ministries can proceed with the technical part i.e. writing of the law on our status and mode of operation.”


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