We at Cultureshutdown are inspired by the global response to our initiative in support of threatened national cultural institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and our Day of Solidarity.  We welcome others to share their thoughts concerning this crisis of cultural heritage, and what might be done.

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  1. Admin says:

    Letter to CULTURESHUTDOWN from Dino Muratović, a student from Bosnia and Herzegovina
    March 1, 2013

    Dear ones, our should I say inspiring ones,

    This morning I woke up, and my day started like any other free day I have.. I went out running on a beautiful sunny day, came home, took a shower and found and article on the internet about CultureShutDown and I was amazed.
    Then I thought, why shouldn’t I write them a letter, and what better time is it to write a letter about my country, than now,today, when it’s Independence Day.

    So here it goes.

    Every day on my way to college I walk by National Museum and it’s a disgrace to see those signs that tell us that the museum is closed. I cannot help but to ask why ?

    Why is it that every good thing in this country has to have a bad destiny, or should I say why do we let some ignorant fools to run their destiny ? This may be harsh thing to say, but I’ll say it anyway. Those people didn’t care when they’ve put those yellow ribbons on the doors of our museum. Place where we could see that there is still hope for our city, our country, our future… That’s how I saw that museum. Like a place where past is combined with future, and by future I mean us, youth, youngsters. And shouldn’t we all see it like that ?

    You may think what do I mean by that, so I’ll explain….before I do, I hope you don’t think I’m just a boring kid with too much time. No.
    I’m just sorry ’cause of the situation that happened.
    So…future and past, all in one. Yeah. I used to go to that museum and I was thrilled..Because of the air inside that building. It has something ancient in it, it has a breath of life, past life. And when I walk in, or, when I used to walk in, I just felt like I’m home. And always, I always got inspired to keep that work, to keep doing something, exploring so maybe, one day my kids could walk in it and find museum piece with my name on it.

    I am biology student, but also I like to write so you probably understand my passion for this museum, this center of history, of humanity, of everything that was supposed to make us care more, not less.

    Writing this letter makes me feel like I’m doing something, something more, ’cause you are doing more, and by sending you this, maybe I’ll become a part of that. My heart is already part of it, and I hope my words, these words will be part of it too.

    I wanna thank you. For everything you have started, a massive movement and maybe, just maybe this will have influence on important people (and I hate to call them important, ’cause for me, they are nothing more than something we never should have became, but still, they have the power) and oh how I hope that this “maybe” will be big enough to become reality, reality in which I can walk by the museum and I’ll be able to put a smile on my face, ’cause the doors will be open, and I will have, once again, the opportunity to breathe in that ancient air combined with….everything that is good.

    So, I am sorry if this was too long and too boring but I just had the need to write this, and I wanna thank you. Thank you for this, for caring enough to do more than the others.
    Thank you, thank you thank you….. Good luck with your work.

    Yours truly,

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