Share Your Opinions and Visions!

You are invited to share your opinions and visions in form of a personal statement.* We would like to ask you to address two main questions:

  1. What does one of the institutions at crisis (or all of them) mean to you personally?
  2. What do you believe is to be done to remedy the situation?

Please keep the following format:

  • The text should be about 300-500 words (more-or-less a page, but not absolutely limited to one)
  • Please add you name under the title of your statement
  • Add a short 3-4 sentences biographical information at the end of your statement, outlining your professional background or current affiliation
  • To add a more personal face to this platform, we would also like to ask you to add your recent portrait into your statement (optional)

Please email us your text and image to [email protected]

*The views expressed in opinion pieces published on this website reflect those of their authors. CULTURESHUTDOWN.NET merely regards itself as an open platform to share and discuss them. This platform is moderated, but open for everyone.


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