They tried to bribe us with yet another small grant

“We have operated in a legal vacuum over the last 15, 16 years. We somehow managed, with all the hiccups. However, over the last two years we have been working in the state of agony. Not only that the state budget was not passed in 2011, but also the state grant that provided us with minimum funding of 850.000KM over the 15 years now miraculously limited to 350.000KM! We are unable to operate like this any longer.”

Interview with the Deputy Director of the National Museum of B&H

Interviewed by Ms Aida Hadžimusić, August 2012 1. Dear Ms Filipović, from previous interviews with Mr. Busuladžić I understood that the major problem of the museum is unsolved legal status. Museum is „no man’s land“; neither government, nor federal institution. Could you provide me with some more information about this issue? Museum was founded in […]