Legal status agony to be resolved by the end of the year?

Denisa Sarajlić-Maglić, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Civil Affairs B&H

Deputy Minister for Civil Affairs Ms Denisa Sarajlić-Maglić expects that the unresolved legal status issue of the seven state-level institutions of culture might be resolved by end-2012 (FENA).

Deputy Minister Sarajlić-Maglić said that she held a series of meetings with the representatives of the seven cultural institutions, as well as with the representatives of the Federation B&H and Canton Sarajevo authorities, seeking solution to this 17-year long agony.

According to Deputy Minister Sarajlić-Maglić, preliminary talks indicate that some institutions will remain ‘of state importance’ while others will be moved to the Federation B&H or Canton-level. She stated that all parties involved are interested in finding solution to this issue, in order to ensure appropriate funding models for all seven affected cultural institutions in B&H.


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