Bosnian National Museum Facing Closure (29 Dec 2011)

The National Museum of Bosnia in central Sarajevo is facing closure, drawing attention to the government’s failure to establish a system to fund cultural institutions.

By Elvira Jukic

The more than 100-year-old National Museum of Bosnia will soon be forced to lock its doors.

Beginning in January, the museum will lack the basic utilities required for its operation. And the current museum staff cannot prevent the institution’s collapse when energy and power sources are shut down due to debts, museum director Adnan Busuladzic said on Wednesday.

“When the collapse begins, we will have to shut the museum down, whether we want to or not,” Busuladzic said. He added that employees would ask the Sarajevo cantonal police to take over security of the museum to protect its priceless holdings from thieves and other damage.

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