Anti-closure protests on 2 October!

The National Museum of B&H

All citizens are invited to join the Anti Dayton Group on 2 October at 12:00pm in front of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina to protest against the closure of this institution.

The organizers of the protests criticize public passiveness as ‘citizens got used to the situation and no longer react’. They are not happy with the way Bosnian intellectuals act as they, according to one of the organizers, Aličković, use media only for their personal promotion. Aličković adds that the National Museum cannot expect to be attractive to visitors without innovation, promotion and efforts to get closer to citizens through creative projects.

If the Museum were only to organize annual visit to the Museum by all high school and university students, charging only 1KM per ticket, this type of educational activity would cover the portion of the Museum’s costs. Aličković gave example of the National Museum from Belgrade that, facing a similar issue back in 2011, put on display more than a half of its overall collection on the facades in the streets of Belgrade, calling citizens to speak up.



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