3 out of 7 to remain ‘ state-level cultural institutions’?

Salmir Kaplan, Minister of Culture and Sport, Federation B&H

Minister of Culture and Sport of the Federation of B&H, Mr Salmir Kaplan believes that the legal status issue of the seven cultural institutions would be resolved in near future. Emphasizing the fact that this problem is dealt with by three parties i.e.  two Bosnian entities, Federation of B&H and Republika Srpska, and the state-level Ministry of Civil Affairs B&H, he noted that the issue is not around the financing of the seven institutions, but rather around deciding on which of these will keep the ‘state-level’ prefix.

“We must discuss this issue in real terms, and stop idealizing the situation. The realistic solution is to keep some institutions on the national level, and move the others to the Federation B&H or Canton Sarajevo level”,  he said.

Minister Kaplan adds that there was no dilemma about the National Museum of B&H being an institution of the state relevance, and that a similar agreement exists for the National Gallery of B&H. Negotiations about the status of the National and University Library of B&H are still underway, as there is no agreement about this issue. It is expected that three out of seven institutions will be kept on the state-level while the remaining four will be moved down to the lower administration levels.

“I do not consider this to be an ideal solution, but we cannot keep on idealising the situation as was done over te past 17 years. We cannot close our eyes refusing to tackle the problem, causing the institutions to close down. For instance, the Library for the Blind and the Partially Sighted Persons was not founded as a symbol of Bosnian statehood, but instead to provide support to the blind and partially sighted persons. We should let this institution perform its function.” Kaplan concludes.


Source: http://www.24sata.info/lifestyle/kultura/114138-Kaplan-sedam-institucija-kulture-tri-ostaju-drzavnom-nivou.html

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